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Read animal rights news from Russia in

The newsletter of the Russian Animal Rights Centre VITA
4, 2004 (October, November, December)

Welcome! In this issue:

- LIFE - TO HIM, OR FUR COAT - TO YOU? Anti-fur campaign in the Moscow metro
- VITA vegan and animal rights feasts
- Will biology student Belousov study without animal experiments?
- Ketamine scandal
- VITA against animal maltreatment in art
- Starving zoo animals rescued
- Other news


"Life -to him, or fur coat - to you?" - 150 posters in the carriages of the Moscow metro daily put this question to thousands of Muscovites and Russian speaking tourists. On a black-and-white photo a hunter crushes the body of a trapped koyote with his heavy boots. 30 X 40 cm poster-stickers ask people to make a choice: life - to the koyote, or a fur-coat - to them.

The action is a joint campaign of the Russian Animal Rights Centre VITA and RESPECT FOR ANIMALS, the UK's leading anti-fur organisation. The organisations placed their poster-stickers on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya metro line, well-known for the abundance of fur boutiques around its stations.

Posters are hanging in the metro throughout the whole month of December - busy Christmas and New Year shopping time. Underground is Muscovites' favourite kind of transport, practical and quick. This is why metro carriages are mostly overcrowded, even in the evenings and at the weekends. Anti-fur poster-stickers are hanging near the doors of the carriages, and are very well visible to everyone. Thus tens of thousands now have a chance to think about the plight of fur-bearing animals.

RESPECT FOR ANIMALS and VITA officially launched their anti-fur campaign in the Moscow metro on November 26 - the internationally celebrated Fur Free Friday. Animal activists around the world have been celebrating Fur Free Friday since 1986. Animal advocates hold demonstrations and spread leaflets to encourage people to refrain from wearing fur, leather and suede. Fur Free Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the USA.

On November 26 VITA and RESPECT FOR ANIMALS informed the media of their coming metro poster campaign. Media reaction to the project was exceptionally positive. Moscow and national newspapers quoted facts on cruelties of fur trade and production from our press-releases. Not a single critical article was spotted. Thus thousands more people got a chance to review their attitude towards fur wearing by reading articles on fur production, and on the metro poster campaign.

Although fur is considered to be the traditional winter clothing for Russians, some Russians reject fur, including the celebrities singer L. Vaikule, writer Gr.Gladkov and A. Troitskiy. "I think that to use the cold weather as an excuse for wearing fur is deceitful. The true reasons behind buying fur coats are luxury, prestige and sex" says A. Troitskiy.

Practically all the reactions to the posters VITA and RESPECT FOR ANIMALS get are utterly positive. People say they sympathize with fur-bearing animals, and ask for more information.

"I am sure one day Russians will reject furs completely, as fur production is always associated with causing pain and suffering to millions of animals" - says VITA director Elena Maroueva.

Our readers might want to know however that nowadays the vast majority of Russians unfortunately still adore furs. And there are years of hard work ahead to change that.

Nicki Brooks, director of RESPECT FOR ANIMALS says "We are proud and pleased to be involved in this campaign with VITA to promote the anti-fur message to a new audience who perhaps are unaware of the brutal truth behind the fur trade's glamorous veneer".

VITA thanks RESPECT FOR ANIMALS for all their help and the wonderful work together while realising the project. VITA and RESPECT FOR ANIMALS thank the Moscow metro for providing us with a 60 per cent discount for placing the posters.


On November 1, the World Vegan Day VITA held a vegan feast at the Moscow vegetarian restaurant AVOCADO. The purpose of organising the feast was to share with the general public why the vegan diet is healthy, and animal- and environment-friendly. To bring the message to the public VITA invited media to the event.

During the feast the guests relished delicious vegan snacks prepared by the AVOCADO staff. Vegan author Irina Ozernaya proposed a wonderful toast for a kinder world. Painter Ilona Gonsovskaya shared with the journalists why she is vegan, and called to people to go for the cruelty-free lifestyle. Mrs. Gonsovskaya appeared at the feast in a warm furry cap with a huge symbolic label "fake fur" attached to it.

VITA activists demonstrated films on the world vegan and vegetarian movements, and showed footage on the conditions in modern slaughterhouses. Animal advocates decorated the feast site with animal rights posters. VITA activists gave out leaflets and other printed materials on veganism and vegetarianism. The feast lasted for three hours.

The event was covered in Moscow regional news, in the news of the Russian national channel REN-TV, and in the written media. Thus the general public could learn the previously unheard of notion of "veganism", and what it is about.

NOTE: Vegan diet excludes the consumption of any animal products, such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatine, etc. Vegans don't wear wool, fur or leather, and use animal tests free perfumery and household detergents.

VITA thanks the vegetarian restaurant AVOCADO for their fantastic cooperation.


Roman Belousov is a second year biology student of the Moscow State University (MSU). Roman consciensciously objects to animal experiments, and together with VITA and InterNICHE Russia promotes the ideas of humane education. The student appealed to the rector of the university mr. Sadovnichiy to allow him not to take part in animal experiments, and to provide him with humane alternatives.

To back Roman's conscientious protest in October 2004 VITA and the Russian InterNICHE team organised a mailing campaign to MSU. As a result Sadovnichiy received numerous e-mails and faxes from Russia and overseas, where you, friends, explained why animal experiments are inhumane, and discussed existing alternatives.

The rector passed your messages on to the dean of the MSU biology department. Impressed by the amount of e-mails and faxes, the dean gave Roman to understand that he doesn't have to take part in animal experiments. The dean couldn't give a completely clear answer though on the prospects of Roman's studies, neither did he offer the student any alternatives to animal experiments. Note that VITA and InterNICHE Russia offered MSU to test alternatives for free on a number of occasions, but got no response.

Now Roman simply skips the practical classes with animal experiments, and insists on the use of alternatives. Roman has decided to start legal proceedings against MSU in case the university obliges him to take part in animal experiments in future.

At the dean's request in his 2005 yearly end work Roman will discuss alternatives to animal experiments.

VITA and InterNICHE Russia thank all of you who wrote e-mails and faxes to MSU. Every single voice counted!


In October and November 2004 popular Moscow art gallery "Aidan" hosted an exhibition of photo works by a Ukrainian-Swedish "artist" Nathalia Edenmont. Edenmont is well-known in animal rights circles around the world for her atrocious working methods. She creates "still-life" photographs with body parts of cats, rabbits, rats, and other animals. "The artist" kills the animals herself.

VITA sent an appeal to the Moscow mayor Juri Luzhkov to forbid the exhibitions of "art works" whose creation implies afflicting pain and suffering to any living being. The appeal was signed by Russian celebrities and animal advocates.

VITA also widely informed the media of Edenmont's atrocities towards animals. VITA organised TV- and radio programmes on the subject. As a result media coverage of the exhibition was utterly negative. VITA's message is clear - you are not welcome in Russia, mrs. Edenmont. Halt the animal maltreatment!


On December 10, the internationally celebrated animal rights day, VITA held an animal rights feast.

"Vegetarian ladies" - students of the MOSCOW FASHION LYCEUM - created and demonstrated beautiful frocks made of parsley, dill, lettuce, peppers and oranges. The music of famous vegetarian Mobi accompanied the original fashion show.

As the next item of the feast a wolf and a rabbit - actors in costumes - made an exciting theatrical show "Why do people need animals?" "The delegates from the wildlife" expressed their deep surprise that people keep killing animals for clothes, food, entertainment, etc. At the same time humans have a wide choice of vegan food, warm clothes from animal friendly materials, qualitative alternatives to animal experiments, and so on, explained "the animals".

Vegetarian Singer Alexey Kravchenko surprised the audience with his masterly jazz and flamenco improvisations. Other famous vegetarians and VITA activists made short talks and shared why they chose for the animal friendly lifestyle.

VITA demonstrated a documentary on the animal rights movement in Russia, on its successes and challenges.

During the feast VITA also opened a one-day animal rights exhibition. VITA activists decorated the feast site with the sensational canvases of a vegan painter Ilona Gonsovskaya, drawings of the winners of VITA 2004 anti-fur competition among children, alternatives to animal experiments, photographs, magazines, posters, books, and other materials.

The feast guests enjoyed delicious vegan treats prepared by the vegetarian restaurant "Avocado".

VITA delighted to see numerous media representatives among the guests of the feast. 15 journalists reacted to VITA's media invitation, and attended the event. As a result four widely watched TV channels covered the feast, mostly at popular times.

Thus VITA achieved the main goal of the event - via the media to widely inform people of the possibilities to lead a cruelty-free compassionate lifestyle.

VITA thanks the vegetarian restaurant AVOCADO for providing free vegan snacks for the feast. VITA also thanks both MOSCOW FASHION LYCEUM and the restaurant AVOCADO for their much appreciated volunteer help with the feast item "Vegetarian ladies", and for creating the beautiful frocks for free. VITA expresses her deep gratitude to the gallery MARS for providing free space for the feast, Ilona Gonsovskaya for exhibiting her wonderful paintings during the event, and all the participants of the feast for their enthusiasm and endless motivation to help stop cruelty towards animals.



For the short history of the Ketamine scandal please refer to VITA previous newsletters, or e-mail to Tanya Maroueva at

On December 16 Frunzenskiy district court of the Russian town of Vladimir sentenced Vladimir vet Olga Tanayeva to three years probation for "illegal storage and selling of Ketamine". For three years Tanayeva is deprived of the right to work with medical drug substances.

Practising vet Tanayeva kept Ketamine at home for her sick dog who needed an operation. In January 2004 Tanayeva's friend and colleague asked Olga on the telephone to sell her some Ketamine for an urgent operation on another dog. Fifteen Vladimir Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) inspectors came "to collect" the drug. The prosecution started. Tanayeva's friend turned out to be DEA agent.

VITA and Olga Tanayeva held a press-conference after the court hearing, during which Tanayeva said she would appeal.

Four hours before the hearing Vladimir DEA informed the media that Tanayeva would get a verdict of 'guilty'. How could DEA know that? The logical question arises: how independent is the Russian system of justice?

In the afternoon of the same day VITA informed the media of the fact that DEA had known what the verdict would be beforehands. Scandal in the media broke out, and DEA does not seem to be able to clearly explain its actions. On December 21 VITA sent an appeal to the General Prosecutor's office and to DEA headquarters in Moscow to investigate the activities of Vladimir DEA.

Our readers might remember that at a September press-conference the head of Russian DEA Cherkesov publicly apologized for creating problems with the use of medical drug Ketamine, essential in veterinary medicine. Cherkesov also promised to stop vet prosecutions for the use of the drug. Three months later though Tanayeva gets a 'guilty' verdict. Prosecutions of all other vets have indeed been stopped.

Lawyer Chernousov defended Tanayeva and four other vets. After Tanayeva's last court hearing Chernousov thanked VITA for preventing large scale factual imprisonment of vets around the country. "Ketamine scandal will go into the Russian history - he said. - This is the first known to me case in Russia when such a powerful governmental body as DEA reacted to the public pressure and reviewed their policy. The public pressure was clearly evoked by VITA's large scale protests. Many vets could be factually imprisoned hadn't VITA started her Ketamine campaign, and made the matter public."

DEA to take VITA to the court of justice

On April 29, 2004 VITA made public the case when DEA inspectors stopped an urgent operation on a dog with the diagnosis: piometra (uterine infection). After the veterinarian anaesthised the dog with Ketamine in combination with other drugs, DEA inspectors rushed into the room and took the vet away for questioning. According to DEA, the vet committed a crime when he injected the dog with the forbidden Ketamine. Thus the operation was interrupted.

The dog was suffering for the whole night. Only the following day another vet resumed the operation, without Ketamine. Afraid of possible prosecution, this vet didn't dare to use the drug. The dog died, presumably from pain shock, or from belated treatment. DEA's interference is obviously the indirect reason of the dog's death.

The dog guardian complained to VITA, and we informed the media. Outraged, DEA accused VITA of lies, and took us to court. DEA argues that the dog has NOT died as an indirect result of their actions, and that they have not interrupted the operation, as the operation had not started yet…

DEA brought an action against VITA at Moscow Nagatinskiy regional Court. However it became clear that such cases are outside this court's competence, and should be dealt with by the court of arbitration.

VITA is now preparing for her defense at the court of arbitration, although the organization hasn't been officially summoned yet.

As there is no animal welfare law in Russia, VITA has collected testimonies from Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Great Britain, Spain, Norway and the USA. Vets and lawyers from these countries describe why DEA's given actions would be totally unacceptable and for the great part illegal in their countries. VITA informed the media of the facts described in the testimonies. VITA thanks all those of her readers who sent her the testimonies. Thanks for being with us, friends!


Yes and no. As our readers might remember, in September the Government published a resolution on the official conditions under which Ketamine may be used. Many resolution items are next to impossible to implement for vets. And the resolution is not valid until the Ministry of Agriculture in its turn defines the rules of "distribution, registration and disposal of Ketamine", and clarifies the licensing procedure. The Ministry still hasn't issued the document.
The are three ways individual vets and veterinary clinics now choose from to deal with animals who need operations:
- illegal secret use of Ketamine
- use of less qualitative expensive alternative drugs that might have various side effects for the animals, and/or use muscle relaxing drugs
- refusal to operate on sick animals

At the moment VITA is collecting testimonies from individual vets and veterinary clinics to prove that the new regulation is totally inadequate, and hard to realize. VITA will send the report to responsible authoritative bodies, and require the necessary measures to fully legalize Ketamine.


VITA has started a new competition among children and adolescents for the best compositions on compassionate treatment of farm animals. At the moment VITA activists are distributing invitations to secondary schools of Russia and ex-Soviet republics to participate.

Later VITA will send the interested schools various materials on intensive farming and vegetarianism. Teachers will hold lessons on intensive farming using these materials. After the lessons children and adolescents will write compositions and describe their views on the issue, and suggest possible solutions of the problem of farm animal maltreatment.

The reward ceremony for the winning compositions will take place in Moscow in autumn 2005. The jury will consist of Russian prominent authors, journalists and VITA staff.


In autumn VITA became a member organisation of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). VITA is very pleased to be able to join her efforts to make our planet a kinder place for the animals with hundreds other WSPA member organisations around the world.



On October 17 VITA and a group of compassionate Muscovites held a peaceful action to protest against the widespread use of wild, exotic and rare animals and birds in entertainments, such as circuses, zoos, photo business with animals, dolphinaria, etc. VITA also protested against keeping rare, wild and exotic animals and birds as pets.

The action took place at Chistiye prudi (Pure lakes) in the centre of Moscow, near the restaurant "Shater". To attract visitors "Shater" keeps two swans in the lakes. One swan had been born in captivity, the other - poached in the wild. The captors partly amputated the birds' wings, to make sure they don't escape.

During the action VITA briefed the media on the plight of rare, wild and exotic animals and birds in Russia. VITA activists called to Russians not to support any cruel businesses with animals, and to refrain from keeping wild animals and birds as pets. The action was covered by the written media, and by the MOSCOVIA TV-channel.

If you wish to learn more about the use of rare, wild and exotic animals in Russia, please read the article "New passion of new Russians" at the end of this newsletter.


On December 7 a resident of the Russian town of Murom alarmed VITA that the mobile zoo "Gazel" (the so-called zoo-circus) keeps its animals in unheated cages while the outside temperature was far below zero. For over a week the zoo employees hadn't fed the animals, or given them any water. The zoo director fled with a big sum of money. Three animals had already died, before the local residents started bringing the rest of the animals some fodder. A lynx died several days later from exhaustion.

As there is no animal welfare law in Russia, according to
which the animals could be confiscated, and to contact the police would not
help, VITA had no legal right to interfere in any way. So we used the
single, but one of the most effective tools we had: media.

We alarmed the media across the whole country and abroad. Thus the matter became known not only in Russia, but also overseas.
As a result ROSGORTSIRK - the body that oversees the work of circuses and mobile zoos - moved the animals to its base in the town of Schyolkovo for rehabilitation. VITA believes that the best solution would
have been to confiscate the animals and to take them to a sanctuary. However there is no legal basis in Russia to do so, and there are hardly any sanctuaries for wild and exotic animals.

Bears, ponies, monkeys and other animals are now doing much better, although some animals are still completely exhausted, and need regular veterinary care.

The Murom prosecutor's office started legal proceedings against the "Gazel" director Mkrtumyan who had abandoned the animals without fodder or water. Mkrtumyan is charged with animal maltreatment and embezzlement.


by Tanya Maroueva

Fashionable hotels, chic restaurants and first-class boutiques welcome the tourists in the twenty-first-century Russia. However it's not the glamour of the enlivened country that many tourists will remember. But some of Russia's newly-fangled businesses.

Brand new Russian businesses will treat you for a photo with monkeys, crocodiles, lion-, tiger- and bear cubs. Exclusive restaurants will try to attract you by live animals in their windows. These restaurants will offer you ostrich, kangaroo or turtle meat. Mobile zoos will be there to challenge your imagination. Dealers will try to sell you snakes, parrots, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, and other animals. However you will hardly be able to take the animals to your home country. Custom rules forbid taking rare animals outside Russia.

Inhumane businesses with exotic animals annoy many tourists from Western Europe and the Americas. On their return home some tourists complain to animal rights organisations. However most Russians remain quite tolerant of such businesses.

Russian Federation is a member country of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The Convention sets limits on dealings with hundreds of rare animals.

However the control over businesses with other rare, wild and exotic animals is totally insufficient in Russia. Russia has no legislation to limit such commerce. The only restriction is the limited number of animals one may import.

For example, Russian circuses sell animal cubs to dealers in wild animals, hunters kill mother animals and sell the pups.

However most animals come from abroad. Peru, Thailand, China and ex-Soviet republics are among the suppliers of the animals. Up to 75% of the animals die during the illegal transportation. Dealers first immobilize animals with scotch tape or drugs. Then they hide the animals in huge bags among clothes, or in the double bottoms of suitcases.

Passing the customs with the baggage or the car boot filled with exotic animals is a risky undertaking. Russian customs officers confiscate the animals they find. The customs rehabilitation centre for confiscated animals is filled to capacity. The idea is to send them back to the country of origin. However the countries in question caution against infectious diseases, and don't accept the animals back.

Many dealers in exotic animals still succeed in illegal import of animals to Russia. This is when real money-making begins.

Dealers keep the animals in city apartments in large numbers. They sell the animals illegally on animals markets. The state inspections of the markets bring no result. Illegal dealers know exactly the time the inspectors arrive, and hide the animals.

Other wild, exotic and rare animals end up as fashionable clothing accessories.

The last part of the animals is destined to become "the stars of street photographing". Pups of wild animals often spend whole days in the oppressing city summer heat. Entrepreneurs neglect the elementary natural needs and instincts of these animals. Such animals mostly don't reach adulthood. Photographers can't cope with adult wild animals, and often kill them.

"We received many complaints about entrepreneurs who offered to photograph people with a bear-cub. - says Irina Novozhilova, VITA president. - The pup spent long days in the burning Moscow summer heat, in the always busy trade centre VDNKH.

VITA immediately contacted the state commission responsible for tackling such complaints. After visiting the place, the commission inspectors claimed the animal was kept in proper conditions, and that our alarm was false."

"Besides the apparent animal maltreatment, business with wild, exotic and rare animals is dangerous for humans. - believes a Moscow veterinarian and VITA director Elena Maroueva. -Exotic animals that end up in Russia get ill very quickly. Veterinarians who try to treat sick exotic animals are often helpless. The animals are not typical of the Russian climate, as aren't their diseases. Most vets don't know how to treat them. However these diseases are contagious, and can be dangerous for humans."
VITA believes that Russia urgently needs animal welfare law that would forbid atrocious businesses with wild and exotic animals. Russian customs should watch more closely for illegal import of animals.

The government should reorganise the work of the state commission responsible for the control of animal markets, stores, zoos, etc. The commission should thoroughly investigate all complaints about illegal operations with wild and exotic animals. VITA believes that animal advocates should join the commission as well to ensure its impartiality. Nowadays criminals simply bribe the state inspectors.

"Our cultural values should change drastically as well. - believes Irina Novozhilova. - Modern society is used to see animals as humans' servants. Hence various maltreatments, and total lack of respect for life."

Dear friend,
Thank you for reading VITA's newsletter.

VITA exists in the conditions when most of the population in Russia are too poor or too ignorant to donate to animal charities. In Russia there are no trusts that donate to animal rights organisations.

VITA exists in the conditions when the staff works more than full time and for free, or practically for free, at home, using their bedrooms as an office, library, and for VITA's vast archives.

But animals need us, and VITA will go on with her work.

Please help us financially with any sum you can miss. VITA would cordially appreciate your participation: financial, if you can, other, if you can't. You are welcome to become VITA activist. Write to me at to find out what you can do to help animals in Russia as a VITA activist.

I would also be most happy to learn what you think about VITA's activities throughout the last three months, and about this newsletter. Your opinion is very welcome.

Sincerely yours,

Tanya Maroueva,
author of this newsletter,
VITA's public relations manager

VITA's bank details:





Center for the protection of animal rights "VITA"
ACC. 40703978400090001768
For additional information please contact VITA at:

tel: 007 (0)95 954 92 79
postal address:
Russia 115191
Mytnaya str 62-93




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Спаси животных
- закрой цирк!

Бразильский Карнавал: жестокость к животным ради веселья людей
Бразильский Карнавал:
жестокость к животным

Поставщики Гермеса и Прада разоблачены: Страусят убивают ради «роскошных» сумок
Поставщики Гермеса и
Прада разоблачены

Здоровое питание для жизни – для женщин
Здоровое питание
для жизни –
для женщин

Освободите Нарнию!
Свободу Нарнии!

Веганы: ради жизни и будущего планеты. Веганское движение в России
Веганы: ради жизни
и будущего планеты.
Веганское движение
в России

Косатки на ВДНХ
Россия - 2?
Цирк: новогодние пытки
Чёрный плавник
на русском языке
Россия за запрет притравки
Российские звёзды против цирка с животными
Впервые в России! Праздник этичной моды «Животные – не одежда!» в Коломенском
Животные – не одежда!
ВИТА: история борьбы. Веганская революция
экстренного расследования
Россия, где Твоё правосудие?
Хватит цирка!
ПЕТИЦИЯ о наказании убийц белой медведицы
Россия, где правосудие?
Впервые в России! Праздник этичной моды «Животные – не одежда!» в Коломенском
4 дня из жизни морского котика
Белый кит. Белуха. Полярный дельфин
Анна Ковальчук - вегетарианка
Анна Ковальчук - вегетарианка
Ирина Новожилова:
25 лет на вегетарианстве
История зелёного движения России с участием Елены Камбуровой
История зелёного
движения России
с участием
Елены Камбуровой
 Спаси дельфина, пока он живой!
Спаси дельфина, пока он живой!
Вечное заключение
Вечное заключение
Журнал Elle в августе: о веганстве
Elle о веганстве
Россия за Международный запрет цирка
Россия за Международный запрет цирка
Преступники - на свободе, спасатели - под судом
Океанариум подлежит закрытию
Закрытие океанариума
Закрыть в России переездные дельфинарии!
Спаси дельфина,
пока он живой!
Ответный выстрел
Ответный выстрел
Голубь Пеля отпраздновал своё 10-летие в составе «Виты»
Голубь Пеля: 10 лет в составе «Виты»
Проводы цирка в России 2015
Проводы цирка
Цирк в Анапе таскал медвежонка на капоте
Цирк в Анапе таскал медвежонка на капоте
Девушка и амбалы
Девушка и амбалы
Hugo Boss отказывается от меха
Hugo Boss против меха
Защити жизнь - будь веганом!
Защити жизнь -
будь веганом!
Деятельность «шариковых» - угроза государству
Деятельность «шариковых»
- угроза государству
Почему стильные женщины России не носят мех
Победа! Узник цирка освобождён!
Океанариум - тюрьма косаток
Защитники животных наградили Олега Меньшикова Дипломом имени Эллочки-людоедки
Меньшиков кормил богему мясом животных из Красной книги - Экспресс газета
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